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We just bought an 8 month old standard black female poodle. Once home she will not go pee or poop, and is eating and drinking very very little. She left a house full of other dogs including her mama. Any suggestions on how to help her through the first few days? As well the day before we picked her up she had her second set of shots...could this be a factor?

Yes, dogs can definitely feel out-of-it after vaccinations.  That, combined with being moved from home she's been in for 8 months, could cause a dog to shut down.  If she doesn't start drinking and peeing before tomorrow, call your vet.  You don't want her to get dehydrated.  Offer her food twice a day monitoring how much you offer and how much she eats.  Dogs can go a couple days without eating, but not without drinking.

Find ways to allow her to socialize with other dogs - play dates, day care, dog parks.  But, you will have to find ways for her to learn to bond with you.   Find a good training class that focuses on positive reinforcement.  

Let me know if you have further questions or comments.

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