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My name is Zachary. I have a one year old bully mix. He was a rescue. He had food and toy aggression when we first got him. I seemed to have solved that problem for the most part. I have three kids, the youngest is only 10 months old. He hasn't bit any one yet. He lets out a low growl and a warning bark or snap to the kids. He only does this with them and its always when I am not in the house. When I am in the house the youngest can pull his ears poke his eyes and pull on his gums etc. while I am right beside them both. They are never unsupervised together. I want to solve this problem so we can keep our dog. He is already a big part of the family. Every one is telling me its because of his breed and that I need to get rid of him before he attacks our family. There has been recent attacks in the news about his breed turning on kids and their owners. So my question is, can we fix this with training or do we need to get rid of our dog? If it is fixable how do we solve it? Thanks for taking the time out to read this. Zac

This is a very difficult situation to resolve. I also work in EMS and previously worked in law enforcement and have responded to call from these type incidents. often the dog simply misunderstands the intent of a child but as long as the pack leader (you) are there it will not be a problem. It will be difficult to train the dog because the catalyst that prevents the aggression is you. I do not advent the use of electronic collars but in this instance it is far more important for the safety of the kids. I would have someone use one without you in the room and see if that will deter the dog from being aggressive. Typically the "pack leader" will scold the dog and hold them down if they act out but the issue is when you are not around. Try having someone else or if one of the kids is old enough let them correct the dog and see how that works  

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