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Dog Training/breeding and slip mating


I have a proven standard poodle stud. He is almost 9 years old.
He has had many large successful litters in the past. Just last year, a litter of 10. He has always had successful ties.
We have been trying to breed him with our maiden dog. She is 2 yrs old.
On day 13 they tied for 30 minutes.
Since then they haven't been able to achieve a tie. She is still
very responsive, flagging. And he mounts her and vigorously thrusts. But slips out before they tie.
I'm assuming this is slip mating. But my question is, can semen be going into her without us physically seeing it when he pulls out? I'm just crossing my fingers that the day 13 tie worked.

Hello Paula:

There is no way to asses.
Sometimes it has taken.

The only guarantee in ensuring semen implantation is successful would be to bred by Artificial Insemination (AI).

With AI you can check the viability of semen and ensure correct placement.
AI is done in conjunction of progesterone testing to assure implantation at optimal day of heat.

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