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Dog Training/king my aggresive alaskan malamute :(


QUESTION: I have a four year old male alaskan malamute who is highly agressive. I have had him since he was 10 weeks old. He has always been a pretty good dog with typical malamute behaviors such as being vocal and grumping when hes made to do something he doesnt want but he has recently biten my boyfriend. I dont know what to do with him!!! I understand that mals are very vocal dogs but i feel hes no longer just being vocal but now being aggresive. I plan to get him neutered but wonder if that will even help now. He doesnt seem to show much aggression to other dogs just my boyfriend and I. I always said i would never have a dog im afraid of and its gotten to that point. Hes just to big for me to be scared of him :(

ANSWER: Unfortunately your dog is probably set in his ways. Does your dog look at you as the pack leader? Does he listen to you despite distractions? Do you think he is being protective when he becomes aggressive?

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QUESTION: Well to be honest im not sure anymore. I actually just got king back after a year of him being in the care of a family member. I moved and was unable to have him so he wasnt with me for about a year, but prior to that i would say that YES i definitely was the pack leader and he always has been more receptive to women because I was the primary disciplinarian. It seems hes the most aggressive and vocal (growling) when hes being sent to his crate or in his crate. He has been crate trained since the day i brought him home. He used to go in the crate at night and when we left the house but now he only goes in there if hes in trouble.

You need to try some basic commands to establish dominance such as a down/stay and walk around him in circles. Also let anyone who is going to be around him do this also. The crate may be making things worse if he only goes there when he is in trouble. I have never been a big fan of crates. Try this and let me know.

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