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Two weeks ago I picked up a 3 year old non-neutered male basset hound. My 9 year old son likes to play with him and now on 2 occations in the last 2 days the dog has become aggressive and lunged/barked, growled at him. Is it do to my son being to aggressive or the dog? will neutering help? or do I just find the dog a non-child home? I am heart broken with the choice of giving him up but I also need to protect my child. Please help!

Nuetering at this point generally will not make a difference since the dog has matured. The dog is not recognizing your son as the "alpha male". If you cannot change this quickly I would not chance it around a child. If you cannot correct this immediately by letting your son walk the dog o a leash and by making the dog do a down and stay and letting your son walk around him in circles then it would be apparent that the dog will not change his disposition. If the dog acts aggressively you need to hold the dog down, gently but firmly until it submits. If this does not work I would not chance it.

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