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my puppy is just 6 months old, small breed, and it seems like we are just really making progress we feel good about with housebreaking.  I would like to go out of town for a few days and take her with us.  I do however not want to take the chance of taking her to an unfamiliar place that could throw off her housebreaking routine.  Any thoughts on if we should avoid the travel since it is not necessary? It will be at someones house so I will have control over keeping her on a similar routine like at home.  That being said, when there have been reasons to take her to the other side of my house where she normally doesn't go, she seems like she doesn't recognize that she can potty in that grass, just like her spot on the other side. I don't want to confuse her.  Thanks so much, and thanks for giving your time to this service.

Hi Lori. Absolutely take her with you.  It will be good for socialization purposes and she does need to learn that she can potty in places other than her spot in the backyard.  

My recommendation would be to start taking her out on leash to new areas to potty before you leave.  When she first wakes up, and you know her bladder is full, take her to the front yard, or out on the grass near the sidewalk (if that's available to you).  Do the same thing when you get home after being gone for a few hours.  

Please let me know if you have any questions - and have a great trip with your puppy!

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