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quick question my family has a great blue heeler. incredibly smart he knows sit, lay, stay, roll over, sit pretty bow, crawl, turns left or right on command, fetches, and  backs up. just so you know how smart he is but, every time a another dog in family or cat gets by me he will lay down between me and the dog or cat and growl never attacking at all or biting the other animal but what's that about?

He is being protective apparently. It is a natural instinct. If it becomes a problem you will have quite a bit of work to deal with the problem since it appears he is already set in his ways. As long as he does not become overly aggressive I wouldn't worry about it. You can tell him no and thump him slightly on the nose. That may deter him.

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Typically answer questions about basic obedience and search and rescue training for any types/breeds of dogs. I DO NOT answer questions regarding any health related issues. I DO NOT PROMISE TO ANSWER QUESTIONS OTHER THAN THE AREAS I HAVE LISTED. If you are going to ask a question I do expect to get sufficient information. I cannot make any promises that I can answer your question if it is a behavioral issue because you have to be around the animal to properly evaluate what the animal is or is not doing so do not expect a miracle through email.


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