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Hello, two days ago I found a little dog wandering on my farm and decided to take her in. She's timid and somewhat afraid of people. But she's been with me basically nonstop since then. She follows me around and even spent the last two nights sleeping in my bed. The problem is that I'm a college student and go back to class in a month and have to leave her alone in the yard. But whenever I'm away from her, she barks like crazy! My sister says to put her out in the yard for an hour a day before school so that I can train her to be without me. But how do I train her? How to I respond to barking? Thank you

Do you know how old the dog is, where it came from, what kind of dog it is? These factors will all play a part in how you train the dog. Without knowing this information it is hard to answer the question. You said she is timid, Does that mean she cowers if you correct her. Also, how likely is it that she is lost or do you think someone put her out. There may be someone looking for her.

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Typically answer questions about basic obedience and search and rescue training for any types/breeds of dogs. I DO NOT answer questions regarding any health related issues. I DO NOT PROMISE TO ANSWER QUESTIONS OTHER THAN THE AREAS I HAVE LISTED. If you are going to ask a question I do expect to get sufficient information. I cannot make any promises that I can answer your question if it is a behavioral issue because you have to be around the animal to properly evaluate what the animal is or is not doing so do not expect a miracle through email.


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