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Hi Barb,
I'm back! :) You helped me so much with my 4 month old French Bulldog Rubie with housebreaking, I thought I would ask another question.
My son and daughter-in-law own a French Bulldog too and they are going to leave us the 6 month old Kima for 9 days (as of 7/25). Both girls have met a few times and love to play with each other - A LOT! Actually they do not know when to stop.
My husband and I have observed their play for hours and its all healthy, never gets out of hand but it doesn't end.
What should I do? How long should they be allowed to play?
After a couple of hours we place them in their crates for 45 minutes to an hour but then its starts right back up again. Also, they drink an awful lot during play and then the pee fest starts in the apartment and its very frustrating because Kima is fully housebroken and Rubie is 95% there.
Any advice you can give will be fantastic!
Thanks & take care, Anna Marie

Hi again Anna Marie!  You are right to be concerned with excessive play with pups.  They can get over-aroused and things can get rough quickly. They can also get over-heated, even playing inside.  Interrupt play frequently (5-10 minutes), calling the dogs off to separate corners.  Praise and reward the pup for coming.  Give a high value treat.  If she doesn't come, gently remove her from play and hold her until she calms down and relaxes.  After she physically calms, release her back to play again as a reward.  During one of these play breaks, take them both outside to potty every half hour.  Let me know if you have any questions.  Good luck puppy-sitting!

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