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Hi, I have rescued this dog about 3 months ago. his name is Oliver, Vet thinks he is jack Russell and Whippet mix and he is 18-24 months old. after living in an apartment for 2 months, we moved into a house. Now we have a backyard, but he doesn't want to go in the back yard although my other dogs goes with no hesitation. When we open the front door, he storms out and doesn't come back on command. When we open the door to the back yard, he just sits at the door so I have to walk with him in the yard. He rarely empties himself. When my husband I leave the house, we put both of our dogs in the crate, but Oliver doesn't want to go inside the crate. Sometimes we are able to trick him to go in the crate by treats, but sometimes it's hard. when my husband tries to catch him, he pees on himself. he shows submissiveness to my husband before, but now every time we need to leave the house, he pees on himself even though my husband is not approaching him slowly and nicely. My husband is so frustrated by Oliver because he loves the dog but every time we are trying to put Oliver in the crate, he pees. Oliver is fully potty trained otherwise. it seems that he does this on purpose so that he doesn't have to go in the crate while we are cleaning up the mess.Is this a breakable habit? If so what type of training that we can do and how long does it take to break him out of this? thanks,

First of all if you ask any dog trainer you do not "break" any animal. You train them. As for your problem it looks like the dog was trained to use pads which I really disagree with. I am absolutely against training dog to go indoors. The dog may be set in his ways and being over a year old maybe 2 may not be able to be re-trained. The urinating sounds like it is a dominance or fear issue that is usually the only reason that a dog will do that. Try some bonding exercises where the dog is rewarded fro doing something right and see what that does.

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