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I have a 6 lb Yorkie that is a rescue, we've had her about a year, and the vet thinks she's about 3 years old - when I take her to get her nails trimmed it's EXTREMELY traumatic for her.  they have to put a muzzle on and she jerks around, and tries to bark and bite, which is not like her at all - she NEEDS to have her nails trimmed about once a month, but it's SO traumatic that I hesitate to bring her, how can I make this situation better?

Hello Ana:

I would start by getting her comfortable with the nail clippers.

Dependant on her reaction to them, you may have to start with them placed on the floor, with her favorite treats around them.
Progress to you holding them by her and her getting treats, then making them move,by her.
Then rubbing them on her.

Then you want to ensure she is comfortable with you holding her Paws again start with touching her paw whilst giving treats move up to hold her paw, with clippers in your hand.

She will start associating the clippers and having her feet held with nice treats.

There are some medications that can be used to clam, sedate her either herbal or pre-scription.
Your Vet can advise.

However, I belive working the above method although a long process would be the most benificial.

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