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Dog Training/losing my mind


I have always wanted a pug. my boyfriend bought me one. she is a puppy, she was born June 6th and she's now 3 mos old.

I have never had a puppy before, never ever. this is my very first one.

and she is driving me insane.

I don;t know how to train her. She pisses and shits everywhere in the house regardless how many times I take her out.

I took her out at 11am and she peed immediately, we stayed outside for at least 10 minutes.

then I came back in, 15 minutes later she shit in the floor.

sometimes I take her outside and she does nothing at all, I bring her back into the house and she immediately shits and pees in the floor.

I am at my wits end that I want to just get rid of her.

that and she is chewing on everything. Like right now as I am typing this she has a piece of plastic she got from somewhere.

Now she is starting to do this thing where she drags her pet bed out of her crate and starts shaking it and trying to rip it up and so I have to lock it in her pet crate.

why is this so hard???? we have been doing this for over 2 months. outside to potty. 8927367 times a day. yet she still goes in the floor, everywhere!!!!

On her toys! on my clothes! On the throw pillows..

We will literally be playing like I throw her toys down the hall so she can fetch, she will run to get her toy, stop, pee, then continue. Even if I had just taken her out less than an hour ago.

am I supposed to be taking he rout every 30 minutes??? Why can't she learn?? I try to reward her with treats!! every time she goes i tell her GOOD PUG GO POTTY!!!!! And she gets a treat! immediately! It isn't helping!


..plz help

OK, sounds like you have several issues here. Sorry for the delay but I have been swamped. First, what and how often do you feed the puppy? Second, puppies are pretty consistent when it comes to pooping, no pun intended. Generally they will want to go to the bathroom right after they eat (hence the not leaving food out) and when they wake up. It is a good idea to take the puppy out right after he eats and wait until he goes to the bathroom. Have a phrase that you use such as "go potty" or whatever. When the dog uses the bathroom praise them, not like they won an academy award but just so they know they did good. If they poop in the house you need to scold them, push their nose towards it and say NO and take them out right then. Be careful not to scold them too much because they will just hide and do it. You will move your couch one day and SURPRISE.
See if this help and let me know about the feeding and type food.  

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