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Hello, I have just recently bought a cavachon 8wk puppy. We have borrowed a crate for her to sleep in however it is rather a large crate. Last night was our first night with her and we brought her crate upstairs in our bedroom. She did sleep for a few hours, however when I checked during the night she soiled twice in her crate. Eventually I picked her up in bed with me and she slept for the rest of the night. We have made a play pen downstairs in our kitchen for her which we are planning on having the crate in too. However now I feel after letting her sleep in our bed last night she will not settle in her crate in her play pen. HELP....


Invest in a smaller crate. It will make your life with your dog infinitely better. If the crate is the right size, she will not potty in it.

Dogs have a den instinct. You will often notice them naturally squeezing into type places, like under tables when frightened or stressed.  Never again allow her to sleep in the bed with you. It will come back to bite you...perhaps literally.

For advice on crate training, read the article on my website, entitled "Crate Training"

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