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I have a fawn pug puppy that my late husband got for me. I've had her since she was 6 weeks old.
She will be 7 months Jan 6th. Not fixed yet, waiting on tax return.

Recently she has started a nasty/aggravating habit.

She licks pillows and bedding. I don't mean chews on the corners or tries to tear them up. She licksandlicksandlicksandlicks until everything is disgustingly soggy and wet and smells like dog breath.

I don't understand why. She only does it to my pillows and bedding.

At first I thought she was peeing on my bed. But then I caught her redhanded, licking aggressively all over my pillow til it was soggy.

Why is she doing this????

I don't have an answer to that unfortunately. Limit her access to the things she licks. Provide mental stimulation by using interactive toys to get her meals (Kong filled with food and frozen); acceptable chew toys that last a long time (bully stick); stuffed toys to tear apart. Be sure she's getting enough physical exercise as well. If she's physically and mentally exercised, she may have less of the urge to lick.  

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