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I take my spaniel to the dog park every week and she has a blast playing there. She's 1 year old and full of energy. She seems to enjoy playing there until a dog accidentally steps on her foot or something else minor. When this happens unlike other dogs who yelp and stop playing, she will yelp and then repeatedly try to bite the other dog for several seconds. I am afraid one day she'll really get to bite as it seems like her reaction is escalating. I don't think she understands the other dog hurts her by accident and she gets very angry. Should I no longer take her there? can this behavior be changed? this happens very quickly and I am also afraid that one day she'll get a dog who will respond to her aggressive display and attack her first. Thank you for any insight.

I agree with your concern that this could lead to escalated aggression. This is such a instinctive reaction that I don't think it's something that can be trained away.

Is your dog park set up so that she only plays with small dogs that would be less likely to hurt her? Or, only take her when there are just a few dogs there? If you can't control that, then I would stop taking her to the dog park.

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