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About 8 weeks ago our then 14 month old dog was poorly. Since then he has started crying during the night. Maybe once or twice.  We only ever went down when he was poorly. (He had a tummy bug so went to check he didn't need to go out) since he got better we have ignored it. He has always been a good sleeper so for him to start doing this is really out of character.  The noise he makes isn't a 'come and get me howl' its like he is spooked about something.   He sleeps in his crate with the door open and has done since June. Any advise would be great he is off to stay with family soon and don't want them to have a week of broken sleep.

Rebecca, I wonder if he might feel better if he sleeps in the bedroom with you? If that's not an option, how about playing some soft, classical music at night in the room he's in, or have a white noise machine to block out any sounds that might be wakening him. You might also try closing the crate door and covering with a blanket. He might feel more secure that way.

Let me know if you have other comments or questions.

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