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My dad stole a dog. For good reason.

The owner kept this dog (a corgi mix) changed to a tree outside the entire summer. My dad went to this person's house and used bolt cutters top cut the chain off and bright the dog home. This dog is estimated to be about ten years old.

He pees and poos in the house so my dad built a large pen outside for him. My question is is it possible to ever house train a dog this old? He is also very food aggressive.

You could try and crate train him. I would take him outside every few hours. He's spent his life living in and around his own feces and urine, so he's probably going to be a challenge. Don't allow him any free access in the house unless you are supervising. Any time you see him sniffing the ground, whisk him outside.

The food aggression will be a challenge as well. Feed as much as possible from your hands instead of a food bowl. Never attempt to take his food away or you will lose his trust entirely. When he is eating, walk by and drop or toss a couple of treats into the bowl. He'll start to anticipate you moving toward his bowl rather than fearing you're going to take it away.

Let me know if you have further questions or comments. Good luck.

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