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Hi Sandy, My 4 year old mix-breed dog is afraid to go in a certain directions. She was really spooked a while back (2 years ago) after a train went by. Ever since she refuses to go in that general direction, and will just lie down...sometimes in the middle of the street.

I've tried giving her treats when she does reluctantly walk in that direction, patience,walking with other dog friends and people...nothing. The only thing that is a step in the right direction is when my wife and I walk her together (doesn't usually happen unfortunately), even then I have to walk way in front and hide so she get moving again.

I'd appreciate suggestions and help on this. Thanks, Sam

It appears from your statement that if you "hide", your wife is able to walk the dog in the desired direction. This would indicate that your dog somehow associates you with the fearful event that has caused her phobia. To resolve the issue, I'd suggest you have your wife or others frequently walk her toward the train over several weeks without you being present. This should cause your dog to become desensitized to the tracks and should allow you to again walk her wherever you choose.

Good Luck!


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