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Good afternoon we've recently purchased a lagotto puppy. Who is eight weeks old. We ran into some training questions and are hoping you might be able to provide some insight.
Do you agree after we feed him to put him in the cage for 30 minutes and then take them out?
When we are home how often should he be in the crate and how long to play with?
He whines during the day when we are home and he's in the crate what should we do?
Best way to introduce Leash he's  wearing his collar just fine
And when should we take his first bath and when should be introduced to the groomer?
How much is too much holding and playing?
And heard Bestway training dog on leash is umbilical training which have the leash on you and walk with him do you agree?
When he pees should he be allowed to explore a little question


No, you should not put the dog in a cage after her eats
You should not put the dog in the crate if you are home
See above for the same
A leash should only be used when outside. A little at a time
The bath and groomer would be up to your local groomer
You cannot have to uch quality time with a dog
Teaching a dog to walk on a lead takes a lot of time and patience. You have to make the dog understand that he should follow you and stay beside you.
What do you mean explore a little question?

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