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My boyfriend has two adorable puppies that pee in his house all of the time. One also likes to jump up on the table and/or grab food from your hand. I talked to my boyfriend about that and told him we need to tell him "No. Time out." every time he does this and then put him in time out. My boyfriend says "Then he just cries." Too bad I say. So, they both pee in the house. It's disgusting and frustrating. I told my boyfriend they shouldn't have food or water so many hours before bed, if they don't eat when the food is given to them, too bad. They'll learn. He does not agree. I also told him that they need to be kept in his room at night or else in their cage at night if/until they learn how to be house trained. He says "Well then they just cry." I told him dogs are like children, you can't give in. He claims he's never read anything supporting what I have told him, I think he just doesn't want to admit he's wrong. The dogs are destroying the carpet and I'm not ok with it. I want to strangle this man. Please help.

My suggestion would be get rid of the if he want s to keep giving in. First of all you are correct about not leaving food out all the time, If you do they eat all the time and crap all the time. As fr the crate I am not a big fan of crate training. You simply need to follow a routine and take the dog out every tie they need to go. Have a phrase you use and praise the dog when they do good. As for the taking food you should stop that immediately. Using a negative gesture such as no or "ANT" (verbalized similar to a growl) will let the dog no you mean business. Putting a dog in a "time out" they will not relate to or understand. The ant should suffice abd a pop on the nose or even more drastic act as if toy are biting the dog on the nose *that's what the momma dog does).  

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