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How to I train my street dog?

That's a pretty big question!  I'll see what I can do to answer it and you can give me more specifics if you'd like. I assume by "street dog" you mean a dog that has never lived in a home before and doesn't have good experiences with people.  If that's the case, the first thing you must do before attempting training is to build some trust. If the dog is fearful, give him the time necessary to know that you are the provider of all the things he needs to survive - food, water, shelter.

Once you have that trust, find out what the dog really likes. If it's food, then it will be easy to train him. Catch him doing things you like, like sitting or lying down, and reward him with a piece of food.  Once he catches on, he'll start to offer you more of the behavior and you can put a word with it (a cue/command).  Teach him his name by saying it, then giving a piece of food. Gradually add some distance and you'll have the beginnings of a recall and a dog that will come when you say his name.

Please let me know if you have any more questions!  Good luck.

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