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I know this may sound ridiculous but we have two maltese that can't swim, or aren't confident in the water. They're both between 5-8 kg and are almost four. We've been trying to get them used to water for a while now and one (Lily) can swim but is still afraid and the other (Sugar) flounders around until someone helps her. We have bought them life jackets and are yet to try them out but have you got any tips that could help us. Not many websites have info on how to help a dog get over a phobia of water, only on how to teach them to swim. My sister (10) and I (13) have been trying to teach them, so if possible could your information be child friendly.
Thank you so much

Hello Ruby:

I would say just keep encouraging them into the water.  Holds them in your arms, so they feel safe.  Getting feet wet to start, then moving deeper as they calm/setttle down.

Lots of praise and treats for when they are calming down and relaxing.

Life Jackets are a Must, not all breeds are good swimmers.
Please also realise, dogs will drink, swallow the water, so natural clean water is best, no chlorine.

Chlorine can damage their insides and is not good for their skin.

If your pool is Chlorine, make sure they are not swallowing or drinking the water and rinse their coats thoroughly after a swim.  

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