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I have a kelpie puppy (8weeks old) at home and she is very playful.
Today I bought a moodle puppy (9weeks old) and he doesn't seem to like the kelpie
When they play the kelpie will try to dominate him and so he growls and viciously snarls at her.
It's terrifying to hear as the moodle is so much smaller than kelpie.
Is it just a dominance thing? Will it end? Or are they just not good together?
Please help ASAP

Thanks for your question, Alisha. I'm not certain what a moodle is, but I'll assume a toy poodle mix since you said it was a small dog. It will take the pups a few days to get to know each other. Don't force them to be together just yet. Let them get to know each other through baby gates and possibly walks on leash together. The smaller dog is obviously frightened by the size of the kelpie, so the growling is to warn her off. Don't allow the small dog to be overwhelmed or it may cause a lifetime of fearfulness with other dogs.

Getting 2 puppies of the same age is rarely a good idea. Since they aren't a good match in size and won't be in play style, you might think of returning one while it can still be rehomed.

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