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Hi!  We've got a 4.5 month old, male, (intact) great dane and a 3 (ish) yr old female, spayed english springer spaniel.  We've had our spaniel for almost 3 years and just got the dane at 8 weeks.  Here's my (main) problem:  The 2 dogs get along mostly well and do tumble around and play together.  However, now that the dane is getting larger than our spaniel he is hurting her when they play.  He bites her and sometimes draws blood.  The spaniel still seems dominant overall, but the dane keeps at her and does not let her rest…he jumps right on her as soon as they're together and chews on her.  She's starting to seem harried!
To combat this I am 1. separating them when the spaniel seems overwrought 2. praising and treating the dane when he is calm and 3. sometimes keeping him on the leash with me in the house.  Is there anything else I could be doing?  The dane is in a puppy training class at Petco, so we're working on him, but I wanted some more ideas.  Thank you!

Wendy, you're doing everything right. The other thing I would suggest is more exercise for the Dane so that he doesn't have all that energy to play with the springer. If certain times of day are worse, then use that time for leash walking, training or playing in the backyard with him.

If you could also find an appropriate adult dog for a playmate that can correct his biting, it would greatly help.

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