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Hello!  I have a 5 month old male (intact) Great Dane.  I take him outside to go potty often throughout the day…it varies, but about every hour or 2.  He does a great job going potty and gets lots of praise.  However, I can't get him to tell me when he needs to go out.  Our other dog whines at the door so I thought he'd pick that up, but it seems like he just goes when he needs to whether he's outside or not (I just head it off at the pass most times).  He doesn't potty in his crate or in his "corral" (a little fenced area I have set up in the kitchen for when I can't watch him every second), but if he's out loose he just goes.  I tried for a few weeks to teach him to ring a bell on the door but he didn't catch on.
Am I just expecting too much too young?  Any tips?  Thank you!

Thanks for your email, Wendy. Here's an excellent step-by-step on how to teach the bells as notification:

If you can't monitor him in the house, he needs to be crated or confined in his pen. He needs to go 3 weeks without an accident and using the bells before you can allow him more freedom. The longer he continues to have accidents, the harder housetraining becomes.

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