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I am doing a research project and was wondering whether dogs of some breed could be trained to follow commands that occur over a loudspeaker. I have attempted to test this with my dog who is a miniature schnauzer, but she blocks the speaker out of her mind. I know dogs can tell the different between a person's voice and an electronic recording of a person's voice, but in your experience, can they be trained to follow commands given in recordings?

Thank you for your time!

Great question, Zach. Here's something to consider first. Can you dog respond to your verbal cues (coming directly from you) without seeing you? For example, if you stand behind a closed door and ask her to "sit", will she respond or does she have to see you? Many times, we inadvertently give our dogs extra cues with our body language that we are not even aware of. Set up a camera and see if she can pass this test first. If she can't, then video YOURSELF and see what body language you are using and train yourself to be perfectly still while you give verbal cues.

If/when she CAN pass the out-of-sight test, then progress to recording your own voice on a digital recorder right next to you. Gradually move it further away from you. Be sure you're providing high enough value reinforcers for her to do this. Very gradually work up to something with bigger speakers, then to a loudspeaker.

Good luck! Let me know if you have questions - and I'd love to hear if you are successful!

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