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Hi i just got a 4 yr old german shepherd who weighs approx. 120 lbs with basically no training. He pulls at the leash and it doesnt make for a very good walk lol. Can u give me some pointers? Also pointers on how to train him to come when i call him? Thank you!

If the dog is 4 then he may be set in his ways. All dogs are motivated by one of two things according to most common thought but I say there are three. Food, Toy and Praise. Some dogs respond to treats, some to a particular toy and some simply to be loved on. You will have to first determine which motivates your dog. If he seems to react to treats that is ok. If there is a particular toy he gets excited over that is good but you must keep it unless he gets rewarded. And, some just want to be loved. See if you can find out which one and let me know.

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