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Hello i recently adopted a 4 yr old, 120 lb, male german shepherd. He has been through several owners and has little training. Taking him for a walk is a nightmare because he pulls so hard. I am becoming very frustrated because i dont know how to break him of this. Any advice would be appreciated. Thank you.

First of all you do not "break" a dog. You train them. Him being 4 years old and never having had you or anyone else as a "pack leader" may mean that the dog cannot be trained to walk on a leash. What type of collar are you using or are you using a harness?

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Typically answer questions about basic obedience and search and rescue training for any types/breeds of dogs. I DO NOT answer questions regarding any health related issues. I DO NOT PROMISE TO ANSWER QUESTIONS OTHER THAN THE AREAS I HAVE LISTED. If you are going to ask a question I do expect to get sufficient information. I cannot make any promises that I can answer your question if it is a behavioral issue because you have to be around the animal to properly evaluate what the animal is or is not doing so do not expect a miracle through email.


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