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My dog sleeps in a kennel in my room.  In the middle of the night he will start barking and not stop until I get up and let him out.  He will then jump on the bed and be fine but I do not want him on the bed. I have tried leaving him in the kennel and I move to another room but even that does not help.  Please help.

Gail, you don't say the breed or age of your dog, but most dogs that get enough exercise and mental stimulation during the day will sleep all night without waking. Be sure you're providing him enough to do during the day so that he's tired at night. Tonight or tomorrow, try taking him for a nice long walk or run just before dark and keep him up late

He's trained you to let him on the bed at night. You have a few options to consider:

1. Let him sleep with you.
2. Let the barking behavior extinguish by totally ignoring it. This may take hours over multiple nights but you can't give in or you WILL make it worse.
3. Try covering the crate with a blanket so he can't see you.
4. Move him and his crate to the furthest point away from your bedroom so you don't hear him.

Good luck!

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