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Dog Training/Stubborn bulldog and a baby on the way.


My husband made an impulse buy this year, a 8 wk old english bulldog. Well fast forward 8 months and we now have a very sweet but very wild and stubborn pup on our hands. I am now 7 months pregnant and have been trying to train her to not jump up on people, quiet time,and better house training habits, but to no avail. She is submissive but its like she just chooses to ignore you when you give a command half the time. House training has been a nightmare! I would love to not have to crate her in the day when we are at work. She knows to hold it when she is in the crate but will not hold it outside the crate. We are just now, if we are lucky, to have 2 hours between potty breaks. We have tried to use treats, clickers, bells on the doors, and nothing works. When we go out, we always take her to the same spot. She knows that is the potty spot and sometimes we can be out there for 15 minutes and she wont go but not 5 minutes after we go in, she goes. We are at our wits end! There is going to be a new baby in the house and we have to get her under control before he comes! My husband says we should just get rid of her but around here there aren't many interested buyers. We love her but we just don't know what to do.

Jennifer, you have a big problem and a small amount of time to try and fix it. You have so many issues and potential problems waiting to happen when the baby comes. I would recommend finding a local trainer to help you in your home to deal with the dog right now.

Here are good sites that can help you:

In the meantime, you will have to continue to confine the dog in her crate if she doesn't eliminate when you have her outside. Allowing her the opportunity to continue to toilet in the house is prolonging the time it's taking to housetrain. When she does do her business outside, allow her limited freedom in the house. Close all doors and keep her in your sight at all times.

Besides confinement, teach her to ring the bell on the door. Here are good instructions:

Please let me know if you have further questions. Good luck

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