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We have allowed our dogs on the TV room and living room furniture whenever they want. It is old and crappy and will be tossed. However, tomorrow we are getting new leather furniture for the living room and, though they still get the large "L" shaped sofa in the TV room (roomie enough for them to stretch out full length and still not touch each other) I do not want them on the new living room furniture. Not only is it a problem that we used to let them on the living room furniture, but it will be arranged exactly like the old. We cannot give them dog beds. We have wasted hundreds of dollars on them and they just shred them up. Crating is no good since we want them to be watch dogs. We have hardwood floors in the living room so the furniture is the only comfy place there. Can we train them not to get on the living room furniture anymore, but let them know the TV room furniture is still ok?Oh and we never hit our dogs in any way shape or form so that is out. The female is a 65 pound Malinois and the male is a mix of lab, pit bull and some kind of water dog, I think it is a hound of some kind. Thank you!

Yes. The new furniture will smell differently and you can establish the new rules right off the bat. Monitor them and if they look like they are even thinking about jumping up, interrupt and re-direct.  Try a different sort of dog bed (not like the ones they tore up in the past). Adult dogs shouldn't be shredding dog beds. If they do, they are not getting enough exercise.

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