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I have a 10 month old male Beabull (unneutered) and a 2 year old female Dorgi (spayed), both of them are 100% un potty trained. I tried my hardest to train them when I first got them back in march but was living with a boy who refused to help me, so whenever I wasn't home hed just let them pee/poop all over our apartment and now that's become the norm. I simply gave up trying to teach them because it wasn't fair to get yelled at by me for something that was perfectly fine when dad was around. I now have a month until my lease in this apartment is up and want them to be trained when I get to my new place, No more living with the stench of dog pee wherever I go. Ive house trained puppies before that just came into the house and are learning all the rules, but I feel like the circumstances are very different now that they've already learned that this is an okay behavior. And that the smell of their pee is already all over my apartment. Does anyone have any advice on how to go about this? Currently im just walking them as often as possible, they're in their crates while i'm at work and the second I get home they go straight out, and they get scolded and told 'no' when they pee in the house then taken directly outside (which is very hard when neither can be trusted alone in the apartment, so if one pees in the house, I need to wrangle up both of them immediately to go out). Its been about 3 weeks of this and they don't seem to be catching on at all. Please help!

If you want to housetrain the dogs, they must be crated when you can't monitor them 100% of the time.

You will need to teach them how to tell you they have to go outside.  This is a good article:

Be sure they are on a regular eating schedule - twice a day and pick up anything uneaten after 10 minutes. Keep a log of their toilet habits so you can better predict when they have to go out. You have to get them outside BEFORE they have an accident. Afterward does no good.

Until they are notifying you each time they have to toilet and have had no accidents for at least 3 weeks, they should not have freedom to roam in the apartment.

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