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Dear Barb

I hope you doing well

3 days ago a friend of mine gave me GSD, this is my first time a god owner. The Dog name is Lucy, a female GSD, she was born in 1st of April, 2015 which means she is now 38 days old, my first question is it too early from me to have it? she loves to play and I spent mostly 4 hours per day with her, but the issue is that she is keep biting us, Myself, my wife, and my friends, how I can make her stop biting us? is it too early to start training her? I have been told that I should start with her training after she is 4 months old is that correct? I'm giving her milk with no fat is that okay or should I give her other kind of food?
please help me

Abdulrahman Chalabi

Thanks for your question. Yes, your puppy is MUCH too young to leave the litter and the mother. That's why you are seeing so much biting. My best advice is to return the dog until she is 8 weeks old. Training up to that point must come from the mother and littermates. They have to learn about bite inhibition from them first. Then, you can begin puppy training - but don't wait until 4 months.

I can't answer your question about what to feed a dog that young. Once she is fully weaned, she should eat a good dog food.

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