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We have 3 rescue dogs.  They are doing very well together and enjoy wrestling .  When our 15 month old hound mix wrestles with our other dogs, he grabs them by their collars.  We do have quick release collars on the dogs but are still concerned that one of the dogs will be injured. Do you have any suggestions to extinguish the collar grabbing behavior?

Hi Amy!

You're right to be concerned about this, it is possible for the dog being grabbed to get hurt or for the dog doing the grabbing to get his jaw stuck and panic.The quick release collars are a smart idea.

Is it possible for you to take all collars off before play time? If not, monitoring play and interrupting when your hound mix grabs a collar is your best bet. Don't scold, just clap your hands and say "oops!" or something similar. If he learns that grabbing collars makes play time stop, he may quit.

Good luck!  

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