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QUESTION: I have 2 3 month old English bulldog/sharpei puppies. They are on a routine for eating, sleeping, going out, etc. The female, even after just pooping, poops in her crate whenever she is in it. The crate is the proper size for her. She does not whine or bark if she has to go...we just find her covered in fecal matter every morning, or even if she's only in there for an hour. She also gives no signal as to when she may have to go (sniffing the ground, circling, etc) TWe've had the 1 week, and the male signals, and hasn't had an accident at all in 3 days. I've had several dogs before, and never encountered this with the crate. She has to be given a bath every morning and other times, ad well. The house is pretty small children or too many distractions.

ANSWER: This sounds medical. Take her to the vet and re-check/treat for worms or possible giardia.  If/when she comes out clean, take a look at what you're feeding her. Be sure it's a high quality puppy food. See for recommendations.

Also, are you absolutely sure you want to raise littermates? It might be too late to ask that questions, but you are certainly in for a challenge. Most dog trainers won't even raise littermates. See this article for ways to prevent issues:

Let me know if you have further questions or comments.

---------- FOLLOW-UP ----------

QUESTION: Thank you so much for your fast response! She was just at the vet and fecal analysis etc was done. She is perfectly healthy. I should have mentioned that our two puppies are not siblings, nor were they housed together prior to us getting them. Though they are the same mix, they are not related and he is a week older than she is. They exhibit "normal" puppy play with each other, eat well, sleep well, and respond positively to my husband and me, as well as our college age children. Both pups are very social with us and are not in any way "inseparable". The only problem is her elimination issues. In addition to the crate soiling, she also will rarely eliminate outside, and immediately does so the second we enter the house. Odd?

Yes, it's odd for a dog to soil in the crate. I'd get rid of the crate for a while. Keep her with you or in a secured, puppy-proof room.

Be sure you're feeding her a good food 3 times a day (and not over-feeding - use the recommendations on the bag). If she doesn't eat everything (or walks away) after 10 minutes, pick the food up and offer again at the next meal. If you regulate the timing of the food going in, you can start to predict when it will come out. Every dog is different.

If this continues, there could be a genetic abnormality that a normal fecal test may not show.

Littermate syndrome applies to any 2 dogs of a similar age growing up in a home together.

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