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We are bringing home an 8 week puppy this week.  He is coming from a litter of 6, and we anticipate the first few nights will be lots of whining/crying.  Breeder is giving us a blanket with his littermates' scent to put in his crate. My question is should we put the crate in our bedroom? Ultimately he will be sleeping downstairs (we live in a 2 storey home)but I wonder if it would be too much stress and change to go from sleeping with mom to a crate in a room by himself.  I am taking 5 days off work to train him and plan to let him out every 3 hours overnight to do his business outside.  My partner is a light sleeper and has to work so alternatively I've thought about putting crate downstairs and sleeping in the same room (such as family room) so he can hear me the first few nights, then eventually moving the crate to it's permanent spot for sleeping when he stops crying in the night (mudroom). Would like to know what you suggest.

If you don't want him in the bedroom, don't start out there. I'd go with the crate downstairs and sleeping with him there. Be sure you can wake up when he does during the night. I wouldn't wake him, though, to go out.

Make sure he learns to be alone while you're off with him. Practice crating him in the mudroom while you're doing something somewhere else in the house.

Here's a great website for you:

Please let me know if you have further questions. Good luck!  

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