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We just got our 3rd great dane puppy, he is 10 weeks old and has been with us for a couple weeks now.

I work from home and at first had him on the same schedule as our other two when they were puppies ( morning potty, after nap, after play, etc). Basically my other two only had to go out every 30 minutes to an hour, sometimes it would be 2 hours without needing to go.

But this guy is different, he has only had 2 accidents in the house and is otherwise good about going outside, but he will pee every 10 to 15 minutes all day, without fail. He has been tested for issues and is fine, he just pees more than any dog we have ever had and it makes it hard because he is always in his crate. I have to go every 15 minutes to let him out then he goes right back in, the two times i have left him out is when he has peed. And it happened within 10 minutes of him being taken out AND peeing outside

I just dont know what to do to maybe get him to hold it longer. He drinks like a horse, I have a 8 cup water bowl in the laundry room for just him and he clears it in one day, our vet said not to limit his water at all, that if he needs to drink then let him drink as much as he needs, which obviously makes him pee like a pregnant woman.

Although I never like to contradict a vet's advice, I would start with rationing water. He can have as much as he needs, just in a more controlled fashion. Put down a cup and if he gulps that he needs to go out and empty before you add more to the bowl. You could also offer water in a crate bottle (they look like oversized hamster bottles) or a slo-feeder bowl to get him to drink more slowly and not tank up so quickly.

Other than that, it sounds like you're doing all the right stuff! Go out with him for potty breaks so that you're sure he's actually going and not playing or getting distracted and so that you can reward him for pottying outdoors and supervise or crate if you haven't seen him empty. If you don't want to crate, use  a tether or baby gate to keep him in the same room with you while you're working so that you can see the signs of needing to go out.

Good luck with that big guy!

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