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I am looking into the idea of getting two puppies at the same time.  I would like to get two females.
Some people I have talked to say it is not recommend.  I am looking into the Golden Retriever breed.

Please tell me with your opinion if it is a good idea or not recommend or if so what are the pro and cons about it?

Is there a certain age for the two dogs that you recommend getting at what is the best age for them to be if I wanted to get two?  
Do you space them out by a certain amount of months?

Please let me know.

Thank you.

Hi Kent!

Getting two puppies at the same time is LOT to bite into! Generally I suggest that people wait until their dog is completely potty and chew trained before adding another to the household so that you are able to devote the time and attention to each dog that is necessary to get those foundations down. Goldens are highly intelligent, active dogs with a fair amount of coat maintenance, so caring for even one puppy is going to be a big task.  

Adopting siblings is often tricky. They are already bonded from their time with their litter, which is nice but can also cause problems. Siblings can be co-dependent on each other and unable to cope if one is taken on a walk, to the vet or groomer, or to a class without the other. They can develop separation anxiety and such a close connection that they function as one, which is very challenging for the human to get in the middle of. Remember that in mutli-dog households each dog needs solo time with their human so that the bond there is strong as well. Doing everything as a "pack" blurs the lines of leadership.

Lastly, I have seen female/female pairings work well but generally a female/male combo is more desirable. This is obviously dependent on the personality of each dog but as a rule of thumb mixing the genders is safest.

Good luck!  

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