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Hi Sarah: I have a chow mix (male) about 5 years old and weighs 55 lbs. I like taking him on walks but he pulls constantly, sometimes hard. This I don't enjoy and want to break him of this habit. How do I go about solving this issue ?          Thank you...... Glenn

Hi Glenn!

First thing to address is the sort of equipment your dog is walking on. Collars of any sort won't help with pulling, you want a front clip harness or a head collar. I generally recommend the Sense-ation harness and the Canny Collar but there are several brands on the market. You want this equipment to fit snugly so that it doesn't shift around while the dog is wearing it. Do NOT get a back clip harness (where the leash attaches on the dog's back or between his shoulders), that will actually increase your dog's pulling power. I often also recommend a waist leash, both to stop the tug-of-war that happens when we are holding the leash and to reduce stress on your shoulders and neck.

Teaching your dog a "walking place" or heel cue is the long term goal. Victoria Stilwell has good instructions on how to do this here:

Hope that helps!  

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