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Dog Training/walking three dogs on leash at the same time


dog expert wrote at 2009-07-20 10:40:40
you can buy a 3 dog leash which has 3 leads at the end of 1 lead and you clip a lead 2 the ring or you could make 1 urself

Paul V. Uturner wrote at 2013-03-11 20:35:47
Please take a look at our brandnew invention, the Uturner. It allows one to walk 3 or even 4 dogs safely. It is a super handle and we use it ourselves to walk our 4 small (untrained) dogs with 1 person every day. We could never do that if we did not have the hanlde.

The secret of the handle is that one can untangle ALL! leash entanglements with simple half turns of the handle. The current solution = tripler leashes do not work fully and still give entanglements. The handle can help many owners of 3 or more dogs

Paul V wrote at 2013-04-17 06:25:12
Yes, there now is a device that allows you to walk 3 dogs easily. It's called a Uturner or Uturn dog handle. It is very new.  You can untangle each leash entanglement with a half turn of the handle while continuing to walk the dogs.

Paul V. wrote at 2013-06-16 04:08:20
Check out the Uturn or Uturner handle for walking 3 small dogs, 3 toddlers or a team of any 3 small animals. It's much better than a tripler leash as a tripler will always entangle.  The 3 leashes are attached to one triangular handle. The beauty is that with this arrangement you can untangle all leash entanglements yourself with simple half turns of the handle - while walking!  Patent pending, available since Feb 2013 so it's brandnew.

Paul Van wrote at 2014-08-29 00:59:21
It's too late for this question from 2006 but we sell the UTurn 3-dog 3-leash handle. It's a great invention (2013). You can untangle all LEASH entanglements while walking in seconds. That makes walking with 3 untrained or partially trained dogs possible. The handle is recommended for smaller to medium size dogs (as a team of 3 large dogs may be too powerful for one handler).

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