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could i please get some photos of recovering dogs after spay. i would specifically like to see the cut area, scarring and bruise, to compare to pics of my dog. i believe she was butchered. and i paid almost $500. and bruises and swelling were covering almost 1/2 of her body. she is a lab x.

Dear Corey,

Thank you for writing to me.  If your dog was just spayed and you feel that something was botched, then please rush your dog to a vet on an emergency basis.  Time is of the essence.

If on the other hand, your dog was spayed some time ago and due to the scaring you feel that the vet did a butchered surgery, then I would recommend that you have your dog looked at by another vet that is a distance away from your own.  Don't mention that you think the other vet butchered your dog.  Instead, play it cool and say that you are concerned about how the dog's belly looks and is everything all right?

If you can get to a large library, you may be able to find a veterinary text book where you can see photos and read all the details that vets learn about.

In the meantime, check out this information:

I hope that your dog isn't in any discomfort.  If there is an unusual amount of swelling and brusing there may be the presence of infection and this would be a life threatening situation requiring emergency care.  Please rush your dog to emergency if this is the current status.

Best Regards,
Shelley Davis


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