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Dogs/I want a velcro/seartch and rescue dog


Cassie wrote at 2010-07-25 03:31:43
You have probably gotten your puppy by now, but if you are still searching I have a suggestion for you. Herding dogs as far as I understand can be very 'velcro' like. They were bred to be around their people all the time and work with them. Thus the 'velcro' tendencies. I have an Australian Cattle Dog and I can't get her away from me. LOL. Good luck!

crabbo wrote at 2012-06-24 04:12:39
i am partial to the pit bull/american bulldog breeds...very smart,,no bad health problems,,very tough...about 50 t0 100 lbs..long lived for a heavy dog,,i have one and he keeps his eye on me and my wife...he does not chew things up when left alone,,but he is seldom left alone...i feed him purina dog chow dry and he can eat as much as he wants..we give him those x shaped chew bones to clean his not believe all the hype about aggressive american bulldogs,,they were originally farm dogs/herding dogs/catch dogs..mine is super freindly and loves to be petted,,but he is rough,,he will knock you down to lick you..mine is mixed with cattle dog,,another good one..these dogs were originally bred for family farms,,and they love people...good luck..p.s.  dobes have health problem...and most of the pit bulls are white,,easier to see at night....

sparky wrote at 2013-06-18 20:41:04
Almost any dog will help.  Most of all I encourage you to spend more time in school with an emphasis on spelling and grammar.  After you have learned at the least, the very basics, then and only then, sparkyshould you consider spending any of your time with a loyal dog.

After reading through your post, I agree with the popular comments about the dumbing down of America.  We done gode.


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I can help you with your new dog. I am experienced in, and trained in techniques the average person can make work with dogs, especially puppies. I strongly believe in obedience training and the need to give your dog proper leadership. I have been raising a new puppy every year since 1991. I know housebreaking and protecting the puppy and the house from each other. I can explain the the feeding regimen you can easily follow to give your dog the same long, active life life as highly valuable dog guides. I try to give answers you can make work. The mark of a real expert is knowing the limits of his knowledge. I will not try to answer questions on breed standards, AKC registration, etc. PLEASE DON'T SEND ME MEDICAL OR BREEDING QUESTIONS. An internet forum is not the appropriate place for them. Even if I could tell what was wrong from a handful of symptoms, you would still need to get the medications from your local vet. Breeding should be left to those not needing to ask simple, basic questions. Books have been written about it. Rather than ask me a question, start reading. Those unwilling to do the work it takes to produce quality puppies should spay/neuter their pets at 6 months. I will not answer questions that sound like a poorly prepared breeder.


Like many, I grew up around dogs, but never realized how much I had to learn before my family started socializing puppies for a large dog guide school. The school shares their experience from thousands of dogs with the people they entrust to raise their puppies. Their recommendations on training, feeding, and care come from a large, well documented program. After it is a year old, they X-ray every one of the hundreds of dogs they breed every year. I continue to attend monthly training sessions with trained volunteers and professional staff. I share experiences with others doing the same. The school must have sturdy, healthy, well behaved dogs, that will have a long, active life. If that is what you want too, I can help you. In addition I have done extensive reading, and the 4 years my daughter was in 4-H were a real learning experience for Dad too. That exposed me to more breeds than the Labs, Shepherds, and Goldens in the dog guide program.

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