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My dog has, what I believe started as, an ingrown hair on his back.  I shaved the area (because I originally thought it was one of his fatty tumor bumps) and realized it had a head and looked like a volcano.  I squeezed it and got a lot of hard "gunk" out of it.  Cleaned it well with physoderm and betadine and it looked good for a while, then started lumping up again.  I squeezed again and it "popped" and some more gunk (hard, not liquidy).  Pretty sure he needs antibiotics to clear it up, but my question is, I have Keflex and clyndamiacyn at home, but just need to know the dosage for a 90lb dog and which might be the best choice.  I believe both are broad spectrum antibiotics.

Hi Lynn, It would be best to have the area cultured and then placed on a antibiotic.  
Please give your Vet a call for an exam.  Because your dog already has a number of fatty tissue areas, it would be wise to have the exam.

You can clean the area with Witch Hazel 2 x per day -  You can find this at any CVS, Walgreens or Walmart.  Also, the Natural Antibiotic I use often is Colloidal Silver:
Look for Silver Shield at your local Vitamin/Nutrition Stores:
Silver Shield is a Colloidal Silver gel or liquid you can use direct onto the wound.
This is all Natural and Not a drug.

This is what Silver Shield looks like:

Because I am not a Vet, I am not allowed to give you the dosage for your dog using Keflex or Clyndamiacyn.  ( sorry)

HOPE you decide to try the Colloidal Silver as a Natural Antibiotic.

Best Wishes,

Marie Peppers LPN MA

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