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Dogs/Alaskan Malamute/ German Shepherd mix


roxygirl2009 wrote at 2012-11-17 04:16:15
We have had our Roxy (malamute shepherd cross) for three years.  She lives with us on 320 acres and never leaves the farm.  She does run the antelope from one fence line to the other, but stops and returns to home after they are removed form her domain.  Her only flaw is that she does not like small dogs that challenge her alpha personality.  The many barn cats are her play mates, she runs with them and sleeps with them every day.

She is the best babysitter we have ever seen.  When our grandkids visit she watches over the three whether they are in the pool or climbing on the hay stacks.  When it is bed time she does her best work.  She sleeps in the middle of a double bed with them so that they behave and fall asleep quickly.  

Our oldest granddaughter was the one that gave title to Roxy's morning hunts:

Wack-A-Squirrel.  We have ground squirrels and she keeps the population as low as she can.  

She is a wonderful pet.


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