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Hello Ms. Patti,

It's me again, Boo is now 3 years old. I was wondering if you could help me with another question? Whenever we get my other dog Fluffy groomed, whether it be at the groomer or when we groom him our self, Boo always crys and wont leave Fluffy alone. Whats wrong with him? Why is he doing this? Fluffy is a Bichon Frise if that matters at all. Thanks! -- Nicole


Hi Nicole,

I have a similar situation with my dogs, when I go to clip the one dog's nails or trim his fur, the other dog (who's more dominate) gets quite agitated. The dominate dog will look like he's “protecting” the more submissive dog,  but he's actually "claiming” the other dog .

You didn't say if Boo is the dominate of your two dogs, but it could be the reason he wants to be near Fluffy.

It could be helpful not to have Boo in the same room when Fluffy is being groomed. Before having Fluffy groomed, give Boo a good long walk, and a captivating new toy (such as a Kong stuffed with a little peanut butter) and leave him in a separate room or in his crate, and he'll be occupied and content.

I hope I've been a help!
Best of luck,



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