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hello, please can you help me, i have recently adopted a choc lab who is 4,  have been working really had on leash walking, which has improved, he walks to  heel very well, but will lunge and pull to other dogs and people, all the sites and videos suggest stopping or turning, all very well if you have a 10lb dog pulling, but once my large lab lunges or pulls , i cant stop or turn as he has me off balance, even if i manage to get him to sit, if he decides to lunge i cant stop him, so all this advise of stopping or turning will never work on such a powerful dog, there has got to be an answer for this, please help, he is going to have me over soon.  many thanks

There are a few things to help you out.  You must keep training with all of these.

A great training device is the prong collar for big dogs.  It relaxes them and can be used to train a dog to walk at heel and it automatically corrects them if they lunge.

Another is the halter which goes around the nose.  Most dogs hate this, but once they get used to it, it works well because you are controlling the whole head.

And a third is the pulling harness.  I have never used this, but I know people who have and say it helps, however opinions are subjective so I can't give you first hand information on that.  

My favorite is the prong collar, especially on labs since it simulates the correction a mother dog would give them.  I have seen them calm significantly after having the collar put on.

Remember these devices are to help you train, not to replace the training.   This website is where you can see the harness and can show all the above articles.


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