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i have a 3 month old fiest mix with beagle and the vets have already started her on the parvo shots every three weeks. is it ok to give her the 7 in 1 shots instead of going to the vet?

First of all, I would have the vaccines done every four weeks instead of three in order to make them as safe as possible for the puppy. I start my first set of vaccines at 8-9 weeks and not before, and then every four weeks after that. Three-four inoculations should be sufficient. Rabies should NOT be given with any other vaccines, although I don't have my first rabies done until a puppy is about 8 months of age.

You make it sound like your puppy is only getting parvo vaccinations. She should also be getting distemper/hepatitis/etc. vaccinations, and I prefer the 5-in-1 vaccines over the 7-in-1, although a lot depends on what diseases are prevalent in your area. I will not give my dogs lepto vaccine since so many schnauzers do not tolerate that well and have reactions. You need to discuss with your vet what vaccines are best for your puppy and your area.

If you are asking me if you can give your own vaccinations, I cannot advise you on that since that is crossing the "medical advice line".


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