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hello pattie i have a jack russel cross and its been suffering with mites for the LaST 12 MONTHS  and it seems to go but comeS back.
but we have foxes near by what are really close where we liv and the foxes are are bald in the same places as our dog legs and neck etc .could this be the problem because they are feet away from our dog the vets says its not mange so i dont no just seems weird that me dogs baldness looks so the same ive told the vets this but no comment ? ...thx lee..


Hi Lee,

By "mites" my first thoughts were to assume that your dog has one of the three forms of Mange. If your vet says that it's not mange, ask him/her exactly what the diagnosis is. You didn't say if a skin scrape test was done on your dog. A skin scrape test would identify the specific parasite that's torturing your dog. I can't offer much in the way of suggestions without knowing the condition your dog has.

If this is going on for a year, it might be helpful at this point, to have a veterinary dermatologist examine your dog. A veterinary dermatologist is a specialist with more experience with difficult cases than other vets have. If your current vet can't give you a referral to a dermatologist, you may be able to find one here:

It could also be a possibility your dog's hair-loss is due to some form of an allergy or "idiopathic hot spots", and the condition has nothing to do with foxes. This is where a veterinary dermatologist would be helpful.

Until the cause of the hair-loss (and I assume there's itching too) is known, you're just treating the symptoms, and the condition will keep returning. If there isn't itching or red, inflamed skin associated with the hair-loss, I'd agree with your vet that this your dog doesn't have a form of Mange. You didn't say if your dog has been tested for hormonal problems such as hypothyroidism or high estrogen levels (if your dog is female).  It's a good idea to the blood work run to make sure there isn't a medical reason for the hair loss.

Feel free to get back to me with more info about what tests your vet has run, and if your dog is itching or not.

I hope I've been a help.


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