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hi Nancy.. i just bought a female siberian husky which is already 1 year and 10 months old. a week after i bought her i notice a little discharge from here and i think she in heat so i brought her to the vet but the vet cant seem to figure out what stage shes in. she just advised me to check everyday til its swollen but i researched on the internet it seems before Estrus stage, the stage where it gets swollen, Proestrus stage would be first but the female will be unwilling to make on this stage..

lets say i do get them to mate at this stage.. will the dog be regnant too? or they only get pregnant when they mate during Estrus stage?

The fertile time for a female dog  is usually 13 days into the heat cycle. Besides swelling the blood becomes a light color drying darker on the edges. Since you just got her, why don't you wait until the next cycle so she is more comfortable with you and her surroundings.  Since she just got there she may be too uncomfortable to mate.  I am not sure what you mean by "lets say i do get them to mate"  If you mean forcing her, it is dangerous and either you or your stud dog could get seriously bitten, remember this is not a tiny dog.

The sperm lives for about two days or so.  With that information you can usually breed a dog on the 11th day figuring the sperm is still alive until the 13th day.  And also breed her on the fertile 13th day.   However, just as humans are individual, so are animals, and I have heard of dogs breeding as late as the 21st day and having pups.

I would still wait, you can observe the dog and make sure she is what you want in a brood bitch.  If she has some nasty or unhealthy traits, you may not want to breed her.

I know this isn't a lot of help, but the tests the vets do, only tell if they are coming into a fertile time or going out.  One day it will get better.

The most important sign, besides counting days and looking at the bloody discharge is her "flagging" the male dog.   She will back up to him and put her tail to the side.  If she let's him mount her that is a pretty good sign that she is ready.  If she breeds. wait only two days and breed her again.  This will cut down on fatality in the litter do to undeveloped puppies.

Ok, you have it all good luck.

Thx Nancy


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