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Will i get rabies from a dog sneeze?
My pup was sitting in front of me and he sneezed. Will i get rabies? Iread it somewhere that rabies can be transmitted through eyes, ear and nose. My pup is not vaccinated.

Hi Albie,

Thanks for writing to me.  Rabies is transmitted through blood and saliva.  While it's technically possible that some saliva got mixed in with the sneeze, it's so unlikely as to not be a concern (it would also have to enter your blood stream though an open cut or wound).  Also, what makes you think that your dog could have rabies?  I can't recall last when a dog did have it as it's almost extinct.

Although I am not a fan of vaccinations, a three year rabies shot is advised if your dog runs loose in the woods, which I hope he isn't allowed to do as it's brings danger with it.  Make an appt with your vet or check for a free or low cost rabies clinic through your local SPCA and get the shot done.   If it's the first shot you may have to do a booster in a year and then 3 yrs after that.  Do not let your dog roam without supervision.  There really are grave dangers out there, especially theft and poisoning.

Do not discuss the sneezing with your vet as it could open up a can of unnecessary worms.  Just be a responsible dog owner and everything will work out in the end.  One shot, once every 3 years until he's older, after which we do not recommend vaccinating as it puts too much stress on the immune system.

Best of luck and please make sure that your dog's sneezing isn't a sign of a cold for which he would need to be treated.

Shelley Davis


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